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After calling my Bank VyStar Credit Union, and trying Lending Tree, which had my phones ringing nonstop with all kinds of lenders harass us, we were so thankful to find Consumer Credit Services. We were able to shop multiple mortgage companys, finding the best rates and closing cost and only had to deal with one company. Now I see why they have an A+ Better Business Rating. I would highly recommend to anybody. J. Dillard, Jacksonville, FL

How easy to find the best deal for our family. Their realtime loan quote system is the real deal, literally. We shopped our loan with multiple lenders providing real quotes and closed our loan within 3 weeks. We tried other companies but really trust and found the best deal with CCS. The best!! Kenneth Muth, Daytona Beach, FL

With over 5000 happy clients that were able to find the best deal for them, at your we will provide you with many more references.