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VA Mortgage Home Loans

What Are VA Mortgage Home Loans?

VA Mortgage Home loans are one of the best mortgage products you could use for your residential property. Because the Federal Government insures the mortgage lender in case of default or unforeseen losses, mortgage lenders are willing to make loans on more favorable terms than other loan products on the market.

Unlike conventional or traditional mortgage loans that require the homeowner to obtain additional insurance that protects the mortgage lender in case of default, also known as private mortgage insurance, VA loans do not require monthly mortgage insurance. Unlike all other low cost loan products, under VA mortgage loan guidelines you can finance up to 100% the value of your property.

When would I want to use this Loan Product?

If you are active or a retired veteran and have a credit score of 620 or better. VA Mortgage Loans offer some of the lowest interest rates available coupled with the highest loan to value, meaning you can finance up to 100% of the value of the home or sales price.

Due to the expanding financial market other loan programs may become available that may provided equal to or better lending terms based on your overall credit worthiness, income earnings. You can easily review all eligible lending options by comparing offers that analyze all options for you.

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