About Instant Pre Approvals

A Consumer Driven Instant Multiple Loan Quote Engine

One Application matched with Multiple National Mortgage Lenders
Making Homeownership Affordable

How Does This Work?

With a team of software engineers and developers, we are constantly adding, building and improving the loan engine that runs behind the scenes. Our loan engine takes the lending guidelines of the most competitively priced lenders that offer the largest array of mortgage products and flexible underwriting guidelines.

During the brief online interview, clients will be asked a series of questions relating to their income, credit, assets, based upon their responses our algorithms will then use a statiscal analysis of the credit/income profile and match it to all the eligible loan products, and highlight the best eligible loan products for them. Thereafter, both the client and the Realtor will receive a pre-approval letters via email highlighting the terms and conditions of the approval.

What if then (I am) not Pre Approved?

If you or your client do not receive an eligible pre-approval, than our system, based upon the responses matched to the loan program will then determine if additional information for clarification are needed. In some cases, additional information such as substantial assets, income clarification, explanation of credit, explanation of loss of income will require a manual pre-approval.

If your file is not instantly pre-approved and our system detects a questionable likelyhood of pre-approval may exist, then you will receive a request for clarification and/or additional information by email suggesting that you call our customer service center during normal business hours.